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We were looking for a dog trainer that would come to our house and see what our dog was like at home rather than a nuturel setting. We have a loving little Jackapoo, she’s a bit barky in the back garden when she hears noises and little bit anxious around people she doesn’t know. She is also very resource guarding around us especially when we show attention to another dog. We then found Stu at Plymouth dog academy, a no-nonsense, professional who doesn’t beat around the bush and told us how it was and how we needed to learn how to really understand our dog and that our own behaviour plays a massive part in effecting our dogs behaviour. He gave us tips on how we could do our own training around the house He also imformed us that has was very impressed with the eye contact we had already built up with our dog which made his job a little easier .Stu and Ruby also came along with us on a little walk to the park to see how she was on a lead and like with other dogs. After our sessions with Stu and Ruby we have definitely seen massive improvements in our dogs behaviour and like Stu explained, it’s now down to us to keep up the good work, but if we needed anymore advice he is only a phone away. We Would definitely recommend Plymouth Dog Academy



I can’t recommend Stu & Ruby enough! Not only are they both so down to earth, they really care about what they do and care about the dogs. Our 12 month old fear aggressive/ nervous German Shepherd is currently doing sessions with them and they’re amazing. So patient and will adapt all training to meet the needs of the specific dog. Our dogs needs are very complex and it will take time to make her more confident but we’re already seeing improvements and can’t wait for Mabel to feel confident enough to let Stu & Ruby progress with her further. We’re looking forward to working with them more and and pushing Mabel to her full potential! A big thank you! Xxx



Just had our 2nd session with Stu & Ruby for our puppy Penny. I needed help to stop her pulling on the lead. The change after one session was amazing. Stu left us with a training plan and came back today to review progress – which I can honestly say went very well!! Penny was fully engaged on both training sessions ! think it was mw who needed more training than Penny 😊 Thank You Stu & Ruby for giving me the tools to train Penny- and for your help over the phone. Would highly recommend!

Kathy clark

Plymouth Dog Academy has signed Bella off

Plymouth Dog Academy has signed Bella off and she is loads better and will only get better now!!! Less reactive and would let Stu even pet her!!! I can’t thank Stu enough we will always be in your debt. Bella does love u xxxx


After a brilliant 2nd session with Stu

After a brilliant 2nd session with Stu. The only thing Donut is reactive to is the sunshine.
Smudgey dawg is worn out too…


First session with Plymouth Dog Academy

Just had our dachshund Olive’s first session with Plymouth Dog Academy after her barking, nerves and reacting at anyone coming near us or our house has become increasingly worse and she’s already so much calmer from just one hour. Lots of simple changes and commands that all the family can get involved with with an explanation around her current behaviours and what we can change to help her and it finally feels like there’s a (quieter) light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you Stu and Ruby, looking forward to the next session!


Mr Lawson worked his magic

“Many of you may or may not know chihuahuas are more stubborn then the mother in-law I have 3 secure chihuahuas which I love to bits and yes they love ankles and bark bark bark lol Mr Lawson worked his magic and wow it truly has changed all our life’s the kids are still alive AKA ankles and the barking is so much better I look forward to a bright future with these little beasts thanks again Stu brilliant job


Stu and Ruby I cannot thank you enough.

Where to begin This is Loki was very reactive to dogs and human.
Contacted Stu ,Plymouth Dog Academy explained what the problem was 5 it six weeks ago.
So Stu’s 1st session was an eye opener total sock, Loki was having none off it literally wanted to attack Stu from off. Even with muzzle on. Managed to knock off muzzle and unclipped lead. Yet while my heart was in my mouth Stu remained calm and professional no matter what loki did.
Stu have me very clear concise instructions for training Loki.
After following Training advice fir 2 weeks stu came back out, week3 Loki still long way to go.
But Stu was able to walk with loki round park as did Ruby his apprentice.
More advice on training put in place and carrying out for 1week.
Wk4 another session Stu and Ruby, (Stu’s
Words completely different dog and more instruction , Loki fully engaged with Stu and Ruby while walking round park..
Seriously cannot thank Stu and Ruby enough .
If you need help with your dog Stu is the man
Complete professional calm, no nonsense approach, although completely fair.
Any problems with your K9 friend contact Plymouth Dog Academy Stu Lawson.
Absolute God send Stu is.

Stu and Ruby I cannot thank you enough.


So many people have noticed a difference in him. Thank you!

We have had a couple of sessions with Stu now to help with our mad boy Knox and what a difference it has made already to our lives 😊 my mum now feels confident to visit again as we have managed to get his excited jumping under control with stu’s help! Would highly recommend to anyone needing some extra help with a stubborn pooch 🐾 so many people have noticed a difference in him. Thank you!


I had an excellent first session with Plymouth Dog Academy

I had an excellent first session with Plymouth Dog Academy. I’ve paid out for various dog trainers and behaviourists over the past year, and none had left me with any useful or lasting advice. My dog was progressively getting more reactive, so I reached out to Stuart off the recommendation of someone else.

You can see straight off that he has excellent knowledge on a variety of dog breeds. I was shown really clearly how to follow through with my training exercises, and we practiced lots together before he left so I was sure what to do.

One thing I particularly liked about our session is that unlike other trainers, he didn’t come in and immediately tell me everything I’d been doing wrong. He also praised me on what I’d been doing right!

The training has already been extremely effective in calming my dog, and even after one session I can see the difference. Very much looking forward to our next! ☺️


Can’t recommend Stu enough

Can’t recommend Stu enough.
had two great informative sessions working on touch. my dog had to be sedated twice for nails but he put me in touch with a fab groomer. we got his nails done without sedated…I could have cried happy tears.

Stu give me lots of hints and tips for other things. such as dog coat and mental stimulation etc.

chase isn’t looking so dry…and the going back to basics with tricks and treats was great for building thay bond which we haven’t done since he was a pup.

Thanks again Stu from me and Chase🐕🐾