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At Plymouth Dog Academy we train the dog in front of us. Dog training is not a one size fits all. Our job is to find the best and least stressful method for your dog, in order to help them learn and develop.

20+ Years Of Experience in Canine Behaviour, puppy Behaviour and Development, Canine Anatomy and Physiology and Canine First Aid.

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We were visited by Stu yesterday and my goodness he is fab. Initially I booked him for my frenchie, but he came and helped with both dogs and created an a great training regime. Within 1 hour I managed to take both of them outside of the house without being pulled out. It was amazing and I cannot wait for him to come again and help us get to where we want to be. Would absolutely recommend! I think my face says it all 🤣🙌🏼 xx
Jessica Dowding
Buddie wants to say he is thankful to have met Stu to help him get rid of the 10% of nasty he has due to his past experiences. We have had 2 sessions with Stu and his advice is excellent. He knows every little movement dogs make and can read their behaviour so well."
Ben Head
Can't recommend Stu enough. had two great informative sessions working on touch. my dog had to be sedated twice for nails but he put me in touch with a fab groomer. we got his nails done without sedated...I could have cried happy tears.
Janine Bunker